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Portrait Photography

When it comes to Portrait Photography, only a professional photographer can ensure that each portrait taken fully represents all the facets of you which you want the world to see. That is what Andrew Henderson Photography is dedicated to achieving. It is why clients are consistently pleased with and overwhelmed by the service provided.

Some Common Uses of Portraiture

Corporate Portraits – Businesses typically use these for employee profiles, on business cards, in newsletters and in promotional material. They are also routinely added to blogposts and articles on their websites.

Headshots – These specialized portraits are necessary additions to the portfolios of actors, models and freelancers of all kinds. They are definite must-haves as accompaniments to author profiles on novels, cookbooks, and various works of literature.

Family Portraits – These help to strengthen bonds within a family unit and are often the perfect way to create and preserve lifelong memories. Every beautiful type of family, large or small, deserves portraits which ably highlight the mutual love and affection which bind them together.

Special Occasions and Gatherings – Portrait Photography has long been an integral part of engagements, weddings, reunions, anniversaries, get-togethers … you name it! That’s because portraits are ideal for capturing all the wonderful emotions that come pouring out on these occasions.

A Great Gift Idea – Ever thought of scheduling a Portrait Photography session for someone else? You should! It’s an awesome gift idea that they will truly appreciate for a long time to come.

Just Because – Just simply being beautifully and uniquely you is perhaps the best reason for having your portrait taken. It’s a great way to feel good about yourself and your individuality. Professionally taken portraiture helps you to see yourself with new, fresh eyes.

Here’s How I Guarantee Consistently High Portrait Photography Results

By Working Closely with You – I work with corporate clients, event organizers, groups and individuals. Since each client is different, with their own unique experiences and outlook, I take the time to get to know you before the actual photo session. This pre-shoot consultation can be done in-studio or wherever you are most comfortable.

Keeping Your Purpose in Mind – Experienced photographers know that the composition of each portrait depends heavily on the client’s intended use of it. I select the setting, props, background, lighting, poses and editing techniques based on each client and the purpose of their portraiture.

Using Top-Quality Equipment – I utilize professional-grade cameras, lenses, lighting and editing software. I see them as a necessary investment in my ability to adequately provide my clients with the highest quality portraits possible.

Drawing On Years of Experience – Innate photography skills plus years dedicated to formal training in photography and related fields were just the beginning. I have also amassed years of experience working across several continents and in several photography genres.

Thinking Outside the Box – Portrait Photography is about much more than pointing your camera and clicking once the subject comes into focus! There is large measure of creativity involved which supplements the portrait photographer’s technical know-how.

Just Simply Being Good at What I Do – and loving it! I enjoy photography and I am completely comfortable preparing for a session, composing my shots and making the very best of each client’s time in front of my camera. My confidence also helps my clients relax and enjoy the special experience of having their portrait taken by a professional.

Boston Portrait Photographers

Some Sound Advice on Taking Your Pick of Boston Portrait Photographers

The East Coast certainly isn’t short on fantastic portrait photographers and admittedly, some of the very best ones are to be found in Boston!

But how can you be sure you are making the right choice as you select from among the many Boston Portrait Photographers offering their services? As a professional portrait photographer myself, I can give you a few pointers on what to look for, so – read on!

Start with The Portfolio

It’s like a window into the photographer’s world. Really good Boston Portrait Photographers have a portfolio which clearly shows their range of styles. For example, at Andrew Henderson Photography, my portfolio shows that I can match whatever portrait style you require, be it contemporary, traditional, natural, etc.

Ask about Experience and Training

While a portfolio will show the photographer’s creativity and depth, you’ll be wanting to know that it comes backed by years of experience in the field and some degree of formal photography training. The experience and training, such as I have gained, helps to reassure you that the photographer can handle your specific requests.

Get Recommendations

Check out who the photographer’s past and current clients are. You can do this by browsing through their portfolio or by simply asking. Professional Boston Portrait Photographers will have many satisfied clients who are happy to recommend their services.

Know What to Expect

You may not be able to judge fancy professional photography equipment, but there are some traits of the photographer which can set your mind at ease.

  • Expert Boston Portrait Photographers take the time to get to know you and the purpose of the portraits to be taken. When working with my new clients, I gather this information during our pre-shoot consultation.
  • Professional portrait photographers are comfortable and relaxed working with their equipment and in various settings. I find it’s easy for me to pass this confidence on to my clients for great portraiture results, every time!

Portrait Photographer NYC

Qualities of The Best Portrait Photographer NYC Has to Offer

New York City’s history, landmarks, booming industries and unique mix of cultures make it, undoubtedly, the most well-known city in the entire world. Visitors consistently rank New Yorkers among the most open and welcoming people they have ever come across.

What makes New Yorkers stand out the most, however, is their unrelenting sense of individuality. It’s a quality an expert Portrait Photographer in NYC can effortlessly bring out in your next portrait photography session.

A good Portrait Photographer in NYC learns a wide range of techniques from experience backed up by formal training, but many of the most stunning portrait photography compositions come from innate skill.

As one of the experts, I can consistently provide you with exceptional portraiture for whatever purpose you require. I do this through a solid combination of experience, training and natural creative abilities with my camera.

Along with those qualities, the ideal Portrait Photographer NYC residents are in search of, should display a high level of professionalism. For me, that professionalism shows in several ways:

  • I have invested in top-quality equipment to use in my photo sessions.
  • Those sessions are planned specifically for each client, based on their requests and requirements.
  • Flexibility is built into my work as I am able to work in-studio, outdoors, or in any location where clients need me to.
  • I am up-to-date with and use the most relevant software for handling images I take.
  • While editing software can add remarkably to the quality of images produced by even the best Portrait Photographer NYC has to offer, I never go overboard with it. I allow the true essence of you to shine through and dominate each portrait I take.
  • I guarantee my clients on time delivery of their portrait package in whatever format they require.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots – An Investment Well Worth Making

Everything you want potential clients and business associates to know you stand for – that’s the main purpose behind Corporate Headshots. That’s why choosing the right portrait photographer is an important business decision to make.

According to the popular saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and nowhere is that truer than when it comes to taking Corporate Headshots. As a professional portrait photographer, I know that you need each of the business portraits you and your employees take to speak volumes about what your business has to offer. Those headshots will be expected to do so much more than adorn employee business cards!

How Corporate Headshots Benefit Your Business

1. They help to tell your story – It is possible for a good portrait photographer, such as myself, to capture your work ethic and philosophy in each business portrait taken. It may require some research into brand story, but for me, that is all part-and-parcel of what I do.

2. They can serve different purposes – Corporate Headshots can be used in digital format or in print. (I actually deliver the portraits to you in any format as per your instructions.) They are ideal for employee profiles, promotional material, newsletters, brochures and various forms of advertising.

3. They help to build employee morale – Arranging professional photography sessions for your employees says to them that you care about the company’s image. It also says you want to help them to put their best selves forward so prospective clients and business associates see them in the best light possible.

4. They send a clear message – The willingness to invest in professional Corporate Headshots tells everyone looking on that you are serious about your company and what it has to offer.They also let others know that you are not about to go skimping on the little details that can help to give your business all the advantages it needs.