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Hi, I am Andrew Henderson and Andrew Henderson Photography is about my passion for storytelling through photography. I get the opportunity to do just that with each new client and assignment I take on. Thanks to my skills and creativity with my camera, I am able to specialize in several forms of photography.

To begin with, I do Portrait Photography and offer my clients the flexibility of having their picture taken either in-studio or at some other location of their choice. As my portfolio shows, I do not view portraiture as a one “style” fits all venture. I take the time to work with my clients, finding out their specific needs and tailoring the composition of my photos to suit them.

By specializing in Event Photography, I provide photography services for a wide range of events, including small corporate gatherings, large entertainment events and everything in-between! Plus, my willingness to travel, means I am ready to take on your next event, regardless of location. A glance at my portfolio will reveal that I have a wealth of experience covering entertainment, fashion and various high-profile events, among others.

As seen on my portfolio’s Industry page, I also specialize in Corporate and Industrial Photography. Clients who need photos taken on-site, in a factory or processing plant can rely on my expertise. Furthermore, I am more than willing to venture out on location to photograph workers and equipment. My use of aerial photography, when needed, means no job out in the field is too large for me to take on.

Sports Photography is yet another facet to Andrew Henderson Photography where I work with athletes, teams and event organizers – pretty much anyone involved in sports. Sporting events are always a mix of anticipation and excitement, and I know just how to capture both and relay the essence of the event in my pictures. I also do photography of sport-related merchandise.

The Spaces section of my portfolio has to do with Architectural Photography in all forms. As such, my work here encompasses Interior Photography and Exterior Photography for corporate spaces, educational institutions and private homes. Working with realtors and photographing spaces up for sale is a particular specialty of mine.

Hotel and Resort Photography also falls within the scope of work I do photographing interior and exterior spaces. I have in-depth knowledge and experience in this area, which coupled with my work in Travel Photography,means my clients are always impressed by and satisfied with the images I produce for them.

So, What Can Every Client Expect from Andrew Henderson Photography?

  • Professionalism. I work quickly and effectively to capture the perfect images to match each client’s intended use. It all begins with a pre-shoot consultation to ensure that I am in tune with exactly what my clients’ needs and expectations are.
  • On Time Delivery. I never lose sight of the fact that, quite often, the photos my clients request are tied into deadlines which are set for other aspects of their businesses. So, I complete all editing of photos in a timely manner and ensure that delivery is made well within the requested timeframe.
  • Top-Quality Photos. I use professional-grade photography equipment and editing software. These complement my formal training in photography, years of experience and natural creative abilities. The result: a superb set of photos done to each client’s specifications, guaranteed to meet and exceed their expectations!

Boston Photographer

Boston holds an enviable position in the history of the New England states, as well as in the birth and development of this great nation. As such, the city offers a multiplicity of unique opportunities to each and every Boston Photographer.

Founded in 1630, Boston is not only one of the nation’s oldest cities but also one of the fasting growing. Several of the most important, nation-shaping events in our history took place in Boston with the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill, perhaps being the two most well-known.

Boston still retains all the traits which drove it to take the lead in so many different areas of the country’s development. Achievements attributed to Boston include being the location of the country’s first public school – the Boston Latin School which was founded in 1635. There is also the fact that Boston Common, which opened a year earlier, in 1634, was the first ever public park in the United States.

Currently, the city is a hub for higher education and many of its tertiary institutions are rated among the best in the world. In terms of its economy, manufacturing and port activity continue to drive Boston’s growth. It is entrepreneurship, however, which leads the way in ensuring that Boston keeps its place among the world’s major cities.

Much to the delight of a Boston Photographer’s camera, Boston is now an interesting mix of historic sites and modern features. There is the hustle and bustle you would expect to find in any world-class city, tempered by the quaint remnants of the city’s colonial history.

As a Boston Photographer, I find my work touches on all aspects of life in the city. Certainly, the city’s natural beauty and the skyline of its built environment feature prominently in much of what I do. So, too, do the many celebrations ranging from weddings, to sporting functions and entertainment events.

Added to that, is the diversity of cultures that can be found in Boston. Each one stands out – yet they all come together to create that distinctive love of life that Beantown and Bostonians are renowned for. While there are several celebrations focused on each particular strand of Bostonian culture, there are also those events which bring everyone together in a show of pride in being a part of this great city.

One such event is, of course, the annual Boston Marathon. Aside from the local population, this event also draws over half a million spectators, annually. They come to join in the excitement of seeing over thirty thousand runners compete in one of sporting’s biggest events.

The fine arts and performing arts are also integral parts of life in Boston. Thus, every expert Boston Photographer, like myself, regularly gets the opportunity to use our chosen artform (photography) to showcase the works of others. I relish the chance to work with artists of all kinds. I know that because I understand and identify with their passion for what they do, I can embody that passion in the photographs I take.

NYC Photographers

“Energy” – that’s the word that springs into most peoples’ minds when you ask them to sum up New York City in just one word. It’s an energy that the city creates and the same energy that drives it. NYC Photographers know all about this energy. It provides the backdrop against which all our work is set. It is also the constructive inspiration behind our creativity.

Everything in New York City takes on a larger-than-life quality which kind of explains why the city is such a global trendsetter in so many areas. From fashion to fine dining, from groundbreaking architecture to eclectic artistic expressions, New York City boldly takes the lead and invites the rest to the world to follow.

The city is an irresistible magnet that draws in well over 50 million tourists, annually. In fact, in recent years, the city has been receiving record-breaking numbers of tourists in each successive year. New Yorkers (and NYC Photographers) aren’t surprised by this. We know full well the wide range of amazing attractions the city offers, not least of which is its culture. Culture in NYC is drawn from around the globe as evidenced by the fact that over 800 languages are spoken here.

What’s the best place to start experiencing it all? Museum Mile, of course! The Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) beckons with its exhibits showcasing art covering more than 5000 years of human history. Then there is The Guggenheim, whose iconic exterior sets the stage for all the masterpieces there are to view inside.

With over 250 skyscrapers, the city’s landscape is tailor-made for NYC Photographers like myself, who often work in Architectural Photography. New York City’s skyscrapers illuminate the night as locals and tourists venture out to take in the sights and sounds of the city. There is definitely something for everyone here. Whether you’re into the awarding-winning offerings of Broadway, the randomness of experimental theatre or a thought provoking live poetry reading, NYC has plenty of each to satisfy you.

Once the show is over, it’s time to sample NYC’s culinary fare. Sure, there are five-star restaurants a-plenty, but there are also numerous one-of-a-kind food trucks serving up scrumptious meals for your dining pleasure. So, what are you in the mood for? Something ethnic? A gourmet morsel or two, perhaps? Believe it or not – there’s a food truck in NYC to suit every palate!

All of that is just the tip of the iceberg, though. To really get to know this magnificent city as avid NYC Photographers do, you may need to get off the beaten path (a.k.a tour bus) and walk the city’s streets. Get to know Greenwich Village with its meandering cobblestone lanes. Mingle with the throngs of locals and tourists in Chinatown, ensuring that you stopping every once in a while, to admire a Buddhist temple or taste the offerings at an exotic food stall.

How about popping over to the Upper West Side? There are several 100-year-old Jewish delis there which can certainly make you forget any low-fat, no-meat thoughts that ever entered your head!

Photographers in CT

Connecticut, New England’s southernmost state, is a fine mix of bucolic old-world charm and an understated thrust toward urban renewal. All forms of photography thrive here and professional Photographers in CT make full use of the varied opportunities to hone their photography skills, to build awesome portfolios and to ply their trade.

Apart from being the third smallest state in the U.S., Connecticut has a long history of old money making it one of the wealthiest states, as well. This fact has helped to nurture the arts and culture scene within the state. It is behind Connecticut’s rise in prominence in this field with its award-winning theatres, art galleries and diverse museums.

The Nutmeg State certainly does not skimp on providing breathtaking landscape scenes to leave photographers and their cameras in awe. Connecticut’s natural beauty is richly decorated with mountains, waterfalls and wooded areas. The state’s rugged seaside is dotted in various locations with proud, long-standing lighthouses. These beckon to both amateur and seasoned Photographers in CT who take particular delight in the element of mystery these structures add to any photographic composition.

As an expert architecture photographer, I am intrigued by the many examples of historic architecture which abound throughout the state. Among the most well-known are the Gothic and Victorian facades around New Haven’s internationally renowned Yale University. There is also the High Victorian Gothic style of the Church of The Good Shepherd in Hartford. Its unique and eye-catching gun motif endures as a testament to the state’s gun manufacturing history.

Over in Hartford, the state’s capital, buildings with more modernistic styles adorn the skyline. Not least among them is the world’s first two-sided building - The 13-story Phoenix Insurance Building. Commonly referred to as the “Boat Building” by the locals, it stands as a testament to modern architectural skills. The building which is indeed very familiar to Photographers in CT, has been honored with a listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

When it comes to sports in Connecticut, fans are consistently treated to top-quality sportsmanship peppered by long-running rivalries. This results in an undercurrent of added thrill in each game which is often lost on outsiders but well-known to locals. Thanks to the variety of major sports played in the state, I and other professional sport Photographers in CT, have a myriad of sports-related job opportunities to pursue.

There is no doubt that ice hockey rules the day. This is buoyed by the fact that the state boasts two teams which are firmly placed in the American Hockey League. It’s not just ice hockey, however, that makes up the sporting landscape of Connecticut. All types and levels of sports are found here.

Other sports which enjoy a following of dedicated fans include baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer and lacrosse all field professional teams. Fans of golf and motor sports are catered for as well, since PGA golf and NASCAR racing comfortably hold their own on the sporting landscape.