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Sports Photography

Here’s Why a Professional in Sports Photography is Your Best Choice

Mind, body and a passion to excel come together when you put your all into a sport – any type of sport. Sports Photography can capture that passion and bring it to life for all to all see.

That’s exactly what is done here at Andrew Henderson Photography, where photography is my passion and Sports Photography is a huge part of what I do.

What Are the Aspects of Sports Photography I Engage In?

When you opt to use a professional photographer, you are getting someone who is skilled in taking more than just one type of photo. Professionals know how to compose and edit their shots so that the final images are exactly what the client needs for their intended purpose.

As a professional photographer, I can be called on to cover:

  • Sporting events of all kinds
  • Individual and group portraits of athletes, teams, team managers, sponsors, organizers and officials
  • Images to be used in promotional material – on websites or in print
  • Photography of sporting venues
  • Photography of sporting equipment
  • Images to be used in newsletters or to accompany editorial write-ups

Photography of Sporting Events Takes a Special Approach

Storytelling is at the heart of photography and when it comes to sporting events that story is much more than the final score of the game. An expert sports photographer is able to produce images which encompass all the sides to the story.

Here is where our focus lies:


Pre-game is never boring – in fact, it’s filled with many instances that keep a sports photographer and his camera busy. Those snap-worthy scenes include: athletes warming up; spectators pouring into the stands; officials gathering equipment; and coaches passing on those few last words of instruction and encouragement. There’s never a dull moment, really!

The Game

Rather than catching the action from one location, an experienced sports photographer knows how to find several different vantage points. Even in those different locations, we go further by varying the height and angle from which we shoot.

We know how to alternate between the action of the game and the drama on the sidelines – nothing gets by us! What results, is a unique, eye-catching perspective in every shot.

What’s more, years of experience as a sports photographer leaves photographers, like myself, in-tune with the ebb and flow of the game. We are much better able than any amateur photographer to get the perfect images of the highpoints in a game.


A professional sports photographer, such as myself, knows that the atmosphere at a sporting event can be an almost tangible thing. The spectators help to create that atmosphere as they become caught up in the game. The atmosphere of the game can usually be seen clearly reflected on each face.

Therefore, a photographer who concentrates on just the athletes and the action on the field, can miss some awesome spectator shots. Those of us with years of experience in Sports Photography know better and so we take the time to “work the crowd”, ensuring that the spectators’ side of the story gets told in the images we take.


No game simply comes to an end once the final points are scored – every great professional in sports photography knows that. There are always scenes of jubilation from the thrill of victory and these are often contrasted with the looks of misery that come with the agony of defeat. They are all a part of the story and they, too, must be captured and “told” by the photographer’s lens.

5 More Great Reasons to Go with A Professional in Sports Photography

1. A Professional Gives Professional Results – Anyone can pick up a point-and-shoot camera and take a photo and just maybe it will be a pretty decent photo at that – maybe. There’s no need for you to take the chance on an amateur, however, when a professional can give you guaranteed satisfactory results every time.

2. A Professional has Experience in Taking Action Shots – Sports and movement typically go hand in hand. That movement is an intricate part of the game but amateurs with low-quality equipment can become flustered by it.It might be tempting to think that a still photo cannot show the movement in a game – without at least coming out all blurry and indistinct. Not so!

A trained and experienced expert in Sports Photography knows the best techniques for taking vivid pictures which capture the very best moments in the action – no matter how intense it gets!

3. A Professional Uses Top of the Line Equipment – Athletes do their best when they have the right gear to work it with. It’s the same for a photographer. Professionals in Sports Photography know this, which is why I invest in professional-grade cameras, lenses and lighting equipment. No matter the time of time of day or the location of your sporting event, I am always equipped to handle it.

4. A Professional Needs to Ensure You Are Satisfied – After all, clients are our best reference. Once you are pleased with the service provided and the quality of images produced, it’s a pretty safe bet that you will either be back for more or be happy to recommend us to someone else – or both!

That’s why professionals go the extra mile. We begin with a thorough pre-shoot consultation so we are fully aware of your needs and expectations. After the shoot, we ensure editing is done in a timely manner so that delivery can be made to you within the required time. Also, the format of delivery for your images is up to you – we have the ability to match your needs.

5. A Professional Gives Your Peace of Mind – By opting for a professional, you can rest assured I will be both punctual and prepared for every shoot. Not only that, but whatever sports photo package you request will be done to your exact specifications. It’s all a part of what makes Andrew Henderson Photography such a great choice for your Sport Photography needs!