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Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Comes Tailored to Your Needs

Architecture or Real Estate Photography of indoor and outdoor spaces has taken on new and immense importance recently. This is due in large part to the increased use of the internet in real estate sales.

That fact is clearly understood here at Andrew Henderson Photography where clients are guaranteed of getting expertly taken images regardless of the type or location of property they wish to have photographed.

A look at the Spaces Page of my portfolio will reveal that when it comes to Real Estate Photography, I take great pleasure in specializing in:

  • Property Up for Sale, Rent or Lease

Online listing is the fastest and surest way to sell property at a good price. Research shows that this is even truer for listings accompanied by top-quality, professionally taken photographs. It’s been proven, time and time again, that listings with professionally taken Real Estate Photography are much more successful than those without.

I do both Interior and Exterior photography of residential and commercial spaces up for sale, rent or lease. I am adept at capturing the best features of a property, whether in natural lighting or with the aid of the professional lighting equipment I have at my disposal.

  • Private Homes

Quite often, clients require Real Estate Photography of their property for reasons other than selling it. Proud homeowners, for example, relish having keepsake photos which guaranteed to show off their home in a much better way than a point-and-shoot image would.

These clients benefit greatly from my experience with staging spaces, selecting the perfect camera angles and composing pictures for maximum visual appeal. Whether it is for a single room or their entire home (including outdoor spaces), I provide them with pictures they are more than happy to display and share for years to come.

  • Educational Facilities and Office Spaces

Many businesses and educational institutions request Architecture or Real Estate Photography as a way to help promote the goods or services they offer. Schools, colleges and universities, for example, use such photos as a way to show off the aesthetic appeal of their campuses and the range of facilities they have dedicated to student-learning.

I have invested in professional-grade cameras and lenses, as well as up-to-date editing and finishing software. With these resources, my clients in the business and educational sectors are assured of receiving multiple-use, high-quality images. Of course, delivery of all photo packages is done in whatever format clients request.

  • Resorts and Hotels

Hotels invariably find that the Accommodation pages of their websites are the most trafficked by prospective guests. The images of rooms and amenities displayed on these pages must, therefore, be sufficient to convert the curious visitor into an actual guest. The photographer’s experience in Interior Photography becomes vital here.

Personally, I draw on many years of experience in creating Interior Photography images for resorts and hotels of various sizes. Also, location is not an issue, as I have worked in several countries around the globe and I am willing to go wherever my clients need me.

  • Aerial Photography

Some properties, or certain aspects of them, need to be viewed on a wide scale. Their fullness can only be brought out by professional Real Estate Photography from a unique bird’s eye view perspective.Aerial Photography done by a skilled photographer can achieve just that.

My Aerial Photography skills have been honed over the years taking images of many different kinds of structures located on land and even way out in the middle of the ocean!

Architecture Photography

Ensure Success of Your Next Project with Professional Architecture Photography

There are many benefits to be gained from investing in professional Architecture Photography. Here’s a quick look at 4 brilliant ways in which it can be put to productive use by businesses.

1. Improving Online Presence – Where is the first place persons will check if they want to find out about your company? Your website, of course! That’s why your website needs awesome pictures that help to tell your brand story and relay your brand philosophy.

With Exterior Photography images of the company’s physical location posted on your website, you are making it more identifiable to customers. Professionally done Architecture Photography can highlight a building’s most imposing or interesting features, helping it to stand out in the mind of viewers.

2. As Record of Project Progress – It is often essential that you keep business partners, investors, the general public and certain regulatory bodies up to speed with the progress of a particular building project. There is no better way to do that than with professionally taken images.

Having to detail all the aspects of the project in words would be a very daunting task, indeed. Skillfully taken shots, however, need only be accompanied by a few introductory or explanatory lines – since they can pretty much tell the story all on their own.

3. Draw Attention to Design Elements – The most impressive, innovative and forward-thinking aspects of a project can be beautifully captured by someone with experience in Architecture Photography.

You can use both Interior and Exterior Photography to show off superior design features; flow within a building’s spaces; and how the building either blends in with or stands out against nearby structures.

Those same images can be used as a form of advertising to promote the skills and ingenuity of the project’s coordinators, architects and contractors.

4. Influence Buyer Decisions

The pictures created by an expert in Architecture Photography can be used as a way to entice new investors to come onboard with your project.

They can also be used to help ensure you have piqued the interest of potential buyers before project completion so that once the project is complete you already have a converted set of clients lined up!

Interior Photography

Why Only a Professional Can Do Interior Photography Right

In this fast-paced age of the internet, connectivity is at an all-time high. Persons are constantly being bombarded with new, attention-grabbing headlines. Getting in a word or two about your business and its offerings can seem like an uphill battle.

That’s where pictures come in and how professionally taken Interior Photography can save the day!

A (well-taken) photo really does say a thousand words. The problem is that a poorly taken one says even more and can end up being detrimental to your company. Here are 5 ways in which expertly taken images make all the difference.

1. Superior Composition

Someone who is formally trained and experienced in Interior Photography will know how to compose an image for maximum visual effect. This involves use of intersecting lines and radii, placement of objects within grids, as well as knowing how to lead the viewer’s eye toward the pictures most important features.

2. Use of Professional Equipment

Being a professional means you have invested in your chosen field. As a photographer, it means I have procured the latest and most relevant equipment to use in my business. This includes not just professional-grade cameras and lenses, but also lighting, backgrounds and editing software, as well.

3. Knowledge of Lights and Shadows

Natural and artificial lighting both have their advantages and disadvantages. The trick is knowing when a space will benefit from the use of one or the other or (in many cases) the right mixture of both. While light can bring design elements into focus, shadows can add depth and interesting highlights to Interior Photography images.

4. Use of Lines and Angles

The height and angle from which you shoot an interior space has a lot to do with how well its features are perceived by the viewer. With experience, a professional photographer can pretty much size up a room at first glance but don’t be surprised to see your chosen interior photographer still ensure that he takes the time to check out various height and angle placements for his camera before beginning the actual shoot.

5. First-Rate Editing

The finishing touches added to a set of images can either enhance the beautiful qualities of a space or completely distort them. Professionals in Interior Photography will have access to superb editing software but will also know how to not go overboard while using it. The result is sure to be images clients are totally pleased with and can confidently use in whatever way they wish.