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Choose Professional Event Photography for Your Next Event

Planning an event can become really intense and nerve-racking. Typically, you begin working on it months in advance then, as the big day draws closer, you’re trying to ensure all the little details are taken care of. One thing you definitely don’t want to leave to the last minute is how to handle the Event Photography – it’s too important.

Your guests will, most likely, take along smartphones which they’ll use to take some pretty decent pictures and those images do have a place in creating memories of your event. They can be used, for example, as candid shot additions to social media posts. Phones and point-and-shoot cameras, however, won’t give you images which can be used for much else.

For professional quality photos which capture all aspects of your event and are good enough for a wide variety of uses, you will need to go with professional Event Photography. That’s what Andrew Henderson Photography provides.

I take along top-quality, professional-grade cameras and camera equipment to each event I cover. I also bring something else just as important as those – my expertise as a professional event photographer. It’s a combination of the skills and knowledge I have gained from many years working in various fields of photography.

I approach each assignment with a trained photographer’s eye for selecting the best angles and vantage points to shoot from. I also ensure every important aspect of your event is properly photographed. I can assess the happenings and flow of the event and make on-the-spot decisions about how and what to shoot.

Just as how you plan the details of your event to ensure its success, professional event photographers like to plan their photography of it. Here’s what we typically do:

Pre-Event Consultation – Information such as the time, date and location of the event is just the beginning. By speaking with you, I can compile a shot list of all the important people and aspects of your event that must definitely be covered. We can also discuss the number of photos and the format of delivery that you will require. Also, knowing how you intend to use the set of pictures will affect how I go about taking and editing them.

Location Visit – As long as it is possible, professionals in Event Photography like to visit the location beforehand. It helps us to judge the space, lighting and other aspects of the venue so we can better plan the equipment needed.

Early Arrival – Being on time on the day of the event is never good enough for event photographers. We like to be there during set up, if it is allowed, and to get some early shots in. Most clients appreciate these early shots as adding to the completeness of the event coverage. Plus, it’s great when the photographer is there before guests, so he can complete his own set up and get in some photos of guest as they arrive.

Covering the Shot List and More – While you will know who and what you want covered, the photographer will know the best way to do it. For example, you may simply ask for shots of a presentation but the photographer will know to include close-ups, wide angle shots and shots from different angles.

Editing and Delivery – Once the event is over, the next phase of Event Photography begins. This is where we use top-of-the-line editing software to add the finishing touches to your set of photos. In terms of delivery, you simply have to let us know the format or formats of delivery that you prefer – be it actually prints in a range of sizes, a CD or whatever best suits you.

Boston Event Photographer

The term “event” is quite wide and really encompasses gatherings of all sorts and sizes. Regardless of how you would describe or categorize your event, hiring an expert Boston Event Photographer is always a good way to go. Just ask anyone who has every had to rely on an amateur photographer!

Your particular upcoming event may involve just a handful of guests at the launch of a new business venture. Perhaps, it’s a specially arranged graduation after-party or a medium-sized family gathering with a few dozen people. It could also be large-scale like a trade show or an entertainment event attended by hundreds.

Whatever it is, the bottom line is you’ll want photos which show that everyone had a great time and everything went smoothly. The photos you get from a professional Boston Event Photographer are a great way to promote your company and your event planning skill set. Single photos or photo packages also make wonderful keepsakes for attendees, some of whom might not have been able to take in everything that was going on at the time.

When you hire professionals like Andrew Henderson Photography you get:

  • Pictures that match your style – If you want pictures done in a contemporary, traditional or natural style, all you have to do is say so. With my photography expertise and equipment, I can match whatever look you have in mind.
  • Pictures you’re proud to share – The quality of the photos taken is always first-class. Your photo package comes to you fully edited in whichever format (or formats) you request. The photos of your guests are always expertly and tastefully taken so everyone is pleased with how they are represented.
  • Pictures that tell the entire story of your event – While every photographer likes to inject a little of their own creativity into the pictures they take, I never lose sight of the fact that the story is indeed yours. I work with the shot list you have outlined, ensuring it is completed and adding other shots as I see fit. I am at the event for as long as you need me, capturing all the best moments and all the important details.

Event Photographer NYC

Becoming one of the best Event Photographers NYC has to offer is no easy feat. It has taken years of dedication honing my skills, practicing my craft and providing first-rate service to every single one of my clients.

By choosing to work with a professional photographer such as myself, clients get a range of benefits some of which might not be so obvious at first glance.

1. You Get a Planning Partner

Rest assured that once we have gone through the pre-event consultation, you can leave all of the photography aspects of the event to me. The shot list we compile together will let me know which guests, special happenings or locations you definitely need me cover. We will also go over whether you need specific “grin and grip” photos or a “step and repeat” booth set up.

2. You’re Guaranteed Professional Results

An expert Event Photographer in NYC does not rely on point-and-shoot cameras. We arrive complete with the required photography equipment for taking close-up and wide-angle shots, for coping with both natural and artificial lighting and for working in tight spots. Some events can have areas with very poor lighting, indeed but we come prepared with special lens and lighting equipment so no part of your event is left out.

3. Your Personality Shines Through

You put together your event with a certain style in mind and the photos of the event should reflect that. So, if you after purely business-like photos because that is the tone of the event, then your professional photographer will match that. Some clients, on the other hand might like a photo package that includes the use of props or plenty of candid shots. We can do that, too!

Connecticut Event Photography – A Great Way to Liven Up the Party

When you plan an event, adding professional Connecticut Event Photography is always a nice (and smart) touch. It makes a fun addition to the proceedings and lets your guests know you went the extra mile putting the event together.

People who have taken the time to dress up and show up usually appreciate that there will be photos they can access later to remember the occasion by. No matter the type of event you are hosting, you will find that when it comes to having their picture taken, there are two basic types of guests:

  • those who don’t mind having their picture taken and might even enjoy hamming it up for the camera
  • those who are camera shy and might need a bit of coaxing into a picture or simply just don’t want to have their picture taken at all

By electing to go with professional Connecticut Event Photography, you get a photographer who knows how to handle both.

  • First off, it’s always a good idea to let people know as they arrive (if not before) that a photographer is among them. That way, the camera doesn’t come as such a surprise to persons who might be intimidated by it.
  • Added to this, while dressing in the same manner as the rest of your guests allows the photographer to blend in, a special badge or other readily visible article can help to announce his presence.
  • Depending on the tone of the event, your photographer might suggest use of a specific prop for photo taking. It can be as serious or as silly as you wish but will have the effect of helping people to relax as their picture is taken. More exuberant guests might play around with it more, producing some great candid shots for your package.
  • Lastly, a professional photographer will always announce his intentions before snapping a picture. It gives people the option of mentally preparing for the photo or opting out completely if they so desire.